FiveM RP. Redefined

“Giving Players theĀ Freedom to be Whoever or Whatever They Want!”

Community Based

Our primary goal is ensuring our community can enjoy themselves. Have ideas? We're all ears!

Constant Development

We're constantly improving and adding new features! There's always lots to do in Los Santos!

Server Stability & Performance

All of our servers are running on high performance, professional, stable server equipment.

Our Mission

Freedom Roleplay was created with the idea that we would give our players and our community the ability to be whoever or whatever they want to be. The idea is that this would be done through roleplay. Want to be a police officer? No Problem. Want to own your own business? We have opportunities available for you to do that! Want to create a criminal enterprise? That’s certainly an option! We truly believe that the limit to your options in our community is your imagination.

Stay Updated

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest information regarding Freedom Roleplay is to follow us on social media and make sure you join our discord!