About us

Our Story

Focused On Putting Our Community First. Every Time.

We were originally founded in November of 2020 as “FragOut Roleplay”. That community was created on a lot of the same principles you’ll find we carry in this community as well. Primarily, focusing on putting the needs and opinions of our community first. For us this has always meant the community as a whole, not just those community members who may contribute monthly.


Changing Directions, for the Better.

Sometime towards the middle of 2021, we decided to make some changes to ownership, staff, and the community as a whole. At this point in time, FORP’s FiveM server had pretty well died off, so we decided to shut everything down and basically rebuild it from the ground up. That’s when “Freedom Roleplay” was born. Freedom Roleplay is centered around most of the same principles as FORP. The idea with the name change was to remove our owners name (Kaeden | FragOut) from the name. He felt as though having his name directly in the community’s name made the community seem like it was just about him. 

When developing the FiveM server for Freedom Roleplay, we decided that we wanted to do everything in our power to make this a truly unique experience, and one where most of the bugs were ironed out before release. This meant that regardless of the time it would take, our development team was committed to creating and releasing an incredible finished product.

Strong, Dedicated Team

Our team, while it has evolved and changed since our original launch, has only matured and we’re very proud of the people we’ve got working with us on this!

(FiveM) Emergency Services Director